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Monday, March 31, 2008

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid

LAST Friday I got myself and my boyfriend a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid sim(P100). It comes with 5 days unlimited incoming calls and 25 minutes free local outgoing calls. I inserted it to my Nokia 2100, registered it to #101 and then I got connected right away.

TO test if the signal is OK, I asked my friend from Pasig to call me (her line is PLDT)…Well, the reception is very clear and we make telebabad without having any with the signal.

THEN we tried to test it with other telecom line, so we asked my boyfriend’s friend from Valenzuela to call him with his Bayantel line, the reception is a little chappy. But it doesn’t matter for me because PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid was introduced to the public just recently and I believe that PLDT will fix any problem and error that may arise. I have faith in them, being the no.1 telecommunication company in our country , they wouldn’t let their subscriber be disappointed in their services.

AND now my client can reach anytime and anywhere through my wireless landline, this is a must have tech for me because my job as a loan agent is always on the field.


- Local Calling Services

Choose from 2 monthly services:
PLAN P300 – Free 150 minutes local calls
PLAN P600 - Free 600 minutes local calls & 120 free texts(PLDT to PLDT)
In excess of the free minutes local calls, you can reload via Smartload & PLDTload from any retailer as low as P30 for additional outgoing calls and texts.

- Long Distance Services

Make NDD calls to other landlines and mobile phones in the Philippines, and even IDD calls to other countries.

- Local and International Text Messaging

Send and receive both local and international text messages

- SIM memory

Store up to 250 phonebook enters and 35 text messages


The_Sphinx's World said...

hi, just wanna ask if the unit comes with the plan? how much do we have to pay if you avail of the landline with prepaid sim? where can we buy it?

REYAH said...

No, you will only buy the sim(P100) and insert it to any openline GSM mobile phone. The PLDT sim is available at PLDT business office and at any cellphone and sim card retailer.

des said...

hi reyah,

where were you able to buy the SIM? SEEMs like the sim packs are being hoarded for price markup.



REYAH said...

I got it at the Shangrila Plaza Mall, from one of the cellphone retailer booth in the food court area. Sim is only P100.

The_Sphinx's World said...

I see. And how about the callers? Are incoming calls free (I mean, on their part), no charges on their phones ba, parang regular call lang? Is this like teletipid ba yon, na you need to have a maintaining load para matawagan ka?

REYAH said...

Yes, no charges on your incoming calls(landline to lineline), kya nga i asked na lang my friend to call me para we can make telebabad. & your sim must have load to receive calls, kasi pag 0 balance - no incoming & outgoing calls.

Des said...

Thanks for the info Reyah!

the donG said...

sounds good but maybe i don't need it yet as for this moment.

Anonymous said...

i live here in dasma cavite and im working in manila.. if i buy a PLDT sim here in cavite does the PLDT sim will work in manila? thnks

Anonymous said...

What about unlimited texting to and from smart numbers? is it allowed with PLDT Landline Prepaid Plus?
pls txt me ur answer 09172502427. thanks

Anonymous said...

is it true na nacu-cut ang line every 10mins? is it also true na nababawasan din ang load mo pag incoming call? thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi ate! 100 lang tlaga bili mo?! eh bkit sa ads nila they say 300?!

REYAH said...

Last April pa kasi ako bumili, Pag ka-introduce sa public nag-avail na ako agad. Balita ko nga nasa php300 na ang price ng sim.

Anonymous said...

hi reyah

im mykie

ahhhh tagamindanao kasi ako mag acces pa ba hanggang dito yan???? interesting kasi lagiu kasi tumatawag mom ko then ang mahal. kasi load gamit namin and we talk everyday less than 20 min. nakakabutas na ng bulsa shes on work kasi then ako nagaschool. at malayo kami...

kahit anong cp pd?? panu malaman open gsm mo?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Reyah,
Wanna know wala ba tlagang bawas satin pag tayo ang tnatawagan khit pa hnd pldt ang ntawag? and ung lod na let say 300, hnd ba bnabawasan un lyk other network, kapag hnd nagagamit?
thanx a lot,

Anonymous said...

how much they charge us pre minute?

Eda said...

Hello, guyz here's a new website that
has free unlimited text to all network it's true

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