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Friday, April 4, 2008


Am I ready to get married?

Being in love is not the only basis to tell whether you are ready to tie the knot. Some marriage failed because of lack of knowledge on how important to distinguish whether a person is prepared to a long-time commitment.

Here are some checklists to discern if I am ready for this:

1. Am I financially ready?

Do we have enough money to start a family? Do we have a stable job? Money is very important in married, this must be discuss by the couple thoroughly…the budgeting, the expenses, and saving for the future. Some marital problem occurs in financial disagreement so this must be settle and plan properly.

2. Am I matured enough for this?

Yes I am so much in love but am I ready to live a life with a limitation? Or am I ready to give up things that I usually do as a single? Ok if you have experienced everything that you wanted as a single person then you are a marrying type of a person now.

3. Are we compatible?

Compatibility will not only depend on our similarity on things we like and attitude. Our religious affiliation will also take into consideration…are we on the same faith? If not, are we willing to accept our differences in this matter and will not let our relationship ruin by a debate on our own religious opinion.

4. How much do I know about him?

Background check?.....Yes, this is important it doesn’t mean that you don’t trust the person that much but to avoid committing a big mistake that may affect the marriage in the future. Know your partner medical history, the family, the educational background, bank account or financial status, police record, etc….

5. How close am I to the family?

Do I get along with his family? If not, this must be work-out first…. it’s going to be a big problem (especially if you are living here in the Philippines).

Now that I got the checklist, next step to know the things that I wanted to do before I get married. Remember it’s a lifetime commitment and its no turning back…I don’t want to feel some regrets on the future…. after all I have 2 years left, so I will figure out what are things that I cannot do if I already got married.

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Lesley said...

I have been married 32 years to the same person. You're very wise not to rush into it. The best advice given to me was: Don't let the little things get to you.

the menace said...

ey thanks for wordin up in my page!

i have already linked you!

thanks a bunch!

st_hart said...

that's good and useful information. thx a lot. regarding marriage, i believe that women is much more rational than men. for men (i, the only factor we will consider is love :D

Rob said...

Nice blog!


Hi, very good post and topic. It is important to make sure you are financially ready before marriage. If two people who are struggling financially get marriage, it doesn't bode well. And if one manages money well and the other blows money, then that might cause problems. You need to be on the same page or at least discuss where each of you is in the relationship regarding money and other topics. Thanks for visiting my money-making secrets blog as social networking is exploding online! Thanks, Stephen

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