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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Im a Korean Telenovela addict...That's why i am now learning how to cook some korean dishes. The first dish that i made is the Kimbap.

What is a Kimbap(Gimbap)?
Kimbap is a korean food that is similar to Japanese sushi but differs in the way the rice is seasoned and in the fillings. In sushi, a large amounts of sweetened rice vinegar is added to the rice while in Kimbap it does not contain raw fish and you can use your usual cooked rice.

The Ingredients:

Dried seaweed sheet
can of Tuna flakes
4 stripes of yellow radish
4 crab sticks
2 eggs( fried into omellete & cut into stripes)
1/2 medium carrots cooked & cut in stripes
mayonnaise (you can also add wasabi)

for kimbap rice:
4 cups of hot cooked rice
1 tbps vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tbps sesame seed
1 tbps sesame oil or olive oil


-Mix all the ingredient for Kimbap rice.
-Place a sheet of dried seaweed on the bamboo roller then spread the rice over 2/3 of the sheet.
-Put the remaining ingredient on the top of the rice.
-Then roll it and paste some water at the edge of the seaweed sheet if it doesn't stick.
-Cut the roll into 1/2 inch round.

This is so easy to make and a very healthty snack, you can also use spinach, ham, sausage and cucumber. Serve this with soy sauce & calamansi.


lovely said...

http;// says hi reyah thanks for this recipe--i've been eyeing this lots of times during exhibits and fairs in davao when the korean traders would make one live and then sell it---will try this but what is yellow raddish? the only raddish i know is white so where can we buy that? Also, i liked your post on derma whitening lotion---where is it available and how much?

REYAH said...

Thank you for your comment. You can buy the yellow raddish @ any SM supermarket branch. You can find it @ the frozen vegetable section @ 30 pesos per pack. And also the derma plus whitening lotion @ 95 pesos.

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