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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's more fun in the Philippines!
It's more fun in Pagsanjan, Laguna!

I really enjoyed our Pagsanjan Falls adventure a couple of weeks ago. The boat ride...the all great! We stayed at SG-JJJ lodge, it's just a small lodge inn but I like it because of their cool aircon, wifi access and the very accommodating lodge caretaker. They charge PHP 1,500 for 24 hours stay, not bad because we are 5 in one room.

The boat ride to Pagsanjan falls cost us PHP 1,400+ per person. And the boat men job is really hard so they got a "good tip" from our balikbayan guest. The experiences of being massaged by a waterfall is very wonderful and unforgettable and how I wish I have a waterproof camera at that moment so I was able to took a picture us inside the devil's cave.  


yummychunklet said...

Great photos!

anney said...

Medyo mahal yata sa 1,400 ang isang tao. Malayo ba?

antos said...

a very beautiful place..

Bradpetehoops said...


Henry said...

Its very nice, I really appreciate those pictures.

jhazmine said...

hi im hasmin gusto din nmn mag punta sa pagsanjan ialng hour p[o yung tour nyo sa falls

lisgold said...

It's a Saturday night and have a great weekend so far, wishing u a great weekend too!

Dimple Santiago said...

Thanks sa pag share mo ng experience mo sa pagpunta sa Pagsanjan and gusto ko rin makapg adventure sa Pagsanjan Falls. I know mag eenjoy din ako dun. Hope na makapunta ako dun soon. Great blog^_^

Kirstz @ ayala land Laguna

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