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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I almost cry when I watched the news about the 63 dogs that rescued from being killed for their meat. The dog is a man best friend and not for food. And I am glad that there are groups like the Animal Kingdom Foundation, who took the time and efforts in taking care of those rescued animals. They will treat and rehabilitate the dogs until they are ready for adoption. And these dogs needed a family too and if you are planning to get a dog why not try to visit AKF website and check their list of dogs that are for adoption -


Couch Potato said...

Being a dog lover, I say 'No" to dog slaughtering too!

Snapsam :-) said...

Awwww poor things! If only we can adopt one for my daughter I'm sure she'll gonna be so happy but since my hubby's dog died on him he doesn't want us to have one anymore. :-/

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

this is pathetic..

diane b said...

I saw that article too. It was disgusting.

Dawn said...

It makes me sick how some people can treat the animals. I am not vegetarian, however the farmers are humane the way the raise our beef and chicken. For people to raise dogs to slaughter them, this is just sick. I personally am not a dog person, but I would never be able to accept this.

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