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Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been using Liberty Reserve since I joined pay to post program. Well, at first I was hesitant to use this but I have no choice because most of the PTP forum is using this and getting a liberty reserve account is much easier than the other payment processor. But I was lucky to be able to find a trusted Liberty Reserve exchanger here in the Philippines. And I believe many Pinoy newbies in online earning activities is looking for ways on how to exchanges Liberty Reserve fund. So I recommend this two site:


I have been using PGX to exchange LR funds for almost a year now. But if you are a first time customer, you need to scan and submit this following verification requirement before they can process your exchange of fund transaction:
A. Scan of two (2) Philippine Government issued ID's
B. Copy of the deposit slip or screen shot of your online transfer.
C. Copy of a billing statement / bank statement / credit card statement, no more than 3 months old. Please provide any valid proof of address. It can be under your family or your landlord's name. Make sure that they can verify your address using this document.

PGX will do cash deposits and online transfers to the following:
• Banco de Oro
• China Bank
• Metro Bank
• SMART Money (this is the one im using)
• Union Bank
• Online Transfer to all Bancnet banks
• Western Union
• Cebuana Lhuillier
• MLhuillier

For the LR selling procedure and rates, you can visit Processing would take 1-5 banking days.


I have never yet tried to make a transaction with Paymanila but I have been reading a lot of good feedback and testimonial about this. I am also a verified member of Paymanila for almost 4 years now, and I just knew recently that they are now exchanging LR fund which is good because now I have another option.
They would also ask a new customer to send them some verification requirements, for the details visit:


Jcyberinux said...

nice to know thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for blogging on e-currency LR. My google search for LR exchanger in PHL lead me to you. Youre god send. Keep up with your blogging.

-Mr LR-8112

nami logronyo said...

thanks for blogging with this topic,,being a newbie members of LR i was so confuse how can i in-cash the money here in Phil.. well, where do i submit those requirements? In the bank or there is a site where can i submit all of those requirements?

clicker said...

do they also buy LR fund?

tim joseph said...

Nice Article,
Liberty reserve is one of the best online business money transaction payment processes with the LR it is easy to buy and sell our products through online nice article and i gained good information with this article keep going....

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