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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank you, Erie....

I read the criticism that you wrote on my shoutbox, although you did not use a proper word to express your opinion about my writing, but I know that you are right. At the beginning I have wrote here that I was not good in English language and I also apologized to the readers of this blog. My goal in creating this blog is to have an online diary and to have many friends from different parts of the world. And I'm not disappointed because I earned a lot of blogger friends. And they also taught me how to earn money on the internet.

At the beginning I felt ashamed for my wrong grammar, but because of those friends they gave me the courage and understanding .... so I continued to write on this blog. I only think the important thing is that I am true to my readers and to my co-bloggers. But this does not mean that I will not study to learn the proper English grammar, I am still on the process of my self study and practice in english writing, and writing blog is one way for me to practice my English writing skill.

But I am grateful to you for your visit and providing time to read some of my the post.


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