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Friday, July 1, 2011


I have been absent in my entrecard daily click for almost 3 days because i got busy into something....

A few days ago my neighbor told me about his friends who are now earning good in odesk, i told him that i already a member of Odesk way back 2008 but i never pursue it because i got disappointed because i could not get a job.

After we talk i tried to visit my account but i have to ask for a new password because i already forgotten it. I started to apply for a job hoping that this time i could be hire. And the next day i received an email that an employer is asking me for an interview. I replied right away and then i got the project.

Then i realize that i wasted almost 3 years, if only I was patience enough to wait for my application to get notice maybe i did earn big in Odesk at that time.

But its not too late.....


reese said...

that is nice, goodluck to your writing job!

Silvergirl said...

congrats and goodluck.. ako din, di ko na open account ko. kaya i dont earn from odesk

chiewilks said...

i dont earn in Odesk din. i haven't opened my account there since i signed up..parang it hard to get a job there..

bbtoo said...

good for you and congrats dear

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