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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am trying to advertise our loan services in my friendster account. I am doing this for 3 days now. Well, so far some prospect called and sent me PM about their interest in the services. But some wanted only friendship.
But for me this is much better than telemarketing because i can reach people personally. And in telemarketing some company do not entertain a call offering credit card and loans.
I am in the trial stage in my new marketing strategy, and i hope to get more client from this.


sweetytots said...

way to go girl.. there is really a lot we can do with the net and since your offering your services, id like to try my luck too..., Id like to invite you to visit sweetytots-booksale I have a wide range of children's books that your daughter will very low prices, starts at $1...

seo_kid said...

ahm...isn't telemarketing more personal for it having "human touch". It's better than broadcasting recorded messages...Anyways, i dropped one, you'll be on my list...

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