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Friday, July 18, 2008

Im A Capricorn

I was born on December 23, 1975 and fall under the Capricorn sign (born on Dec 22-Jan 19).

Capricorn characteristics:

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Symbol: Goat

Personality: honest, thorough, practical, ambitious, business-like and careful. Capricorn can be cold and aloof. You are determined, dependable, responsible and may be interested in collecting antiques. Capricorn is very often politically minded. You have an excellent sense of timing. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You possess a great deal of drive, and your sense of duty is very strong. Capricorn can be very suspicious at times.

Negative aspect: You can be unfeeling, gloomy, pessimistic, miserly, unyielding, self centered, and revengeful.

Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo

Birthstone: Ruby, turquoise(December) & Garnet(January)

Colors: Dark Brown, Black & Gray

Gemstone: Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Obsidian & Amethyst

Metal: Lead & Silver

Plant: Ivy & Carnation


Dan* said...

hey wat about pisces i was born on 29 feb :P

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