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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is another multi-purpose, non-collateral personal loan that we can try when we really need an immediate cash.

- INTEREST RATE is from 1.49% up to 1.89%
- LOAN AMOUNT is from PHP 25,000 up to 1M

Application Requirements

− Must be a Filipino citizen
− Must have an existing credit card that is active for at least 13 months
− Must be at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old upon loan maturity
− Must have at least one landline number (either home or business) and a mobile number.
(Mobile number will not be accepted as a stand-alone contact number)
− Gross monthly income (GMI) must be at least PhP15,000 or annual income of not
less than PhP180,000

Documentary Requirements

− Completely filled-out and signed EastWest Bank Personal Loan Application Form
− Photocopy of two (2) valid photo-bearing I.D.'s (i.e. Company I.D., Driver's
License, Passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) I.D., SSS I.D., GSIS I.D.,
BIR I.D., and/or Voter's I.D.) Laminated I.D.s will not be accepted. Original I.D.s
must be presented upon release of the loan proceeds.
− Proof of Income as follows:

If employed, submit the following:
− Photocopy of BIR FORM 2316/W2 (Tax Withheld)
− Photocopy of Latest one month payslip
− Valid credit card reference or latest Statement of Account of the existing
credit card
− Original copy of Certificate of Employment stating salary and position



Carey | Ideas N Pink said...

EastWest Bank is catching up with the competition from other more popular banking institutions. I recently got a call from an EastWest Bank representative, offering me to open a credit card account with them, plus they will give me a free phone. It was very tempting but I declined... Having 2 credit cards is enough for me.

Amber Sayon said...

Good post...

Secured Personal Loans

Best Business Brands said...

Gotianun-led East West Banking Corp. has approved a recapitalization program worth a combined P820 million for two recently acquired rural ...

apply online for a credit card said...

Whether it’s for a down payment on a new house, or to start up a new business, finding the money to get started is one of the most difficult obstacles new owners face.

apply online for a credit card said...

banks would not stay in business; loans are their bread and butter. So although banks often demand stiff collateral requirements for first loans, you shouldn’t be apprehensive about asking for one.

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