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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EC and a glass of coffee

There is no update here from me since Monday...i don't know why i have this lazy feeling this past day. But i still working with my daily blog visit with Entrecard.

And a glass of my favorite coffee, the kapeng batangas(kapeng barako) with hopiang ube get me in the mood to drop some EC today.


Marms said...

Hopia is my favorite too..


Joy said...

Wow! Sarap naman ng ube hopia.

Loreal Cosmetics said...

Wala ka bang espasol? Di ba masarap na ternohan ng kapeng barako un?

Pearl said...

Keep on dropping! I love love ube and can't believe when my friend here in Iowa was not so crazy about it, when i let her taste it. Apparently, they think purple is a weird color for food. hahaha

texas_sweetie said...

what are those in purple color? looks yummy!

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