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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The witch in NSO office

Yes, I must say she was a witch….she ruined my day yesterday. I happen to apply for a non-eligible position in that company. I politely entered her office and told her that im interested in applying for the data encoder, but she rudely answered me that the position is no longer available while grabbing my resume….screening it in less than a second then told me that im not even qualified for the job????

It’s okay if the position is already filled but telling me that im not qualified without taking time to read my credential is an insult to me. I used to be a secretary for almost 5 years and my typing speed is around 45-50 wpm. My question is…Why did they hired someone I knew who applied for this position even though he has no experience in data entry and with a little knowledge in computer operation?

Well, now I know that corruption in government is not only when money is involve but also in employment…they are not after the person credential and qualification but through “palakasan” or “kamag-anak” system.


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