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Monday, February 1, 2010


Yes, i gonna try my luck to this PayPerPost site. I been a member of some pay to review site and have been paid in some opportunities there. And since i am not a good writer (im just pretending to be one...ha, ha,ha) my rate is so low.
Well, i was hoping to get more opportunity in PPP. But first i needed to claim my blog, they ask me to write an article and insert this sentence " Get your mom a plastic spoon ". Now im done and will get back to PPP....I'm excited to see and check their available opportunities.


Karen said...

Hello, good luck! Hope you got lots of opportunities. PPP is a good site, you have made the right decision to join PPP and earn extra money.

Can we exchange links?

chubskulit said...

Goodluck Reya.. Yup, PPP helped us paid of our car loan..

The Pinay Blogger said...

Goodluck! I am sure you would earn more later on :)

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