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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I could tell that I am now certified blogger because recently I have received my earning from buyblogreviews. It’s not a huge amount but this is my blog very first earning.
I stopped posting in the past month, well maybe because of my motives at that time is to earn money through blogging...then i got frustrated, blogging is not an easy money scheme.
Yet include the fact that i am not good in English and i feared to receive comments like “wrong grammar" or "bad english command", so i stopped posting.
But now im back...and my main purpose now is to enjoy this as a hobby. I do not care what others may say or comment on my blog, as long as I can express or share what i think and what i like.
And earning money is a secondary motives, i think of this as a reward.

Check my proof of payment here: MONEYNDNET


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, that should be the right attitude in blogging. You enjoy what you are doing because there will be people who will get interested in what you say. At first, it will be hard to motivate yourself to continue blogging. But when you find your own niche and people respond to your message, then you feel happy and fulfilled. Money comes in later on as an icing in the cake. But it should never be the main motivation for blogging or you will get discouraged. Keep on writing on things closest to your heart. That way your readers will sense your sincerity and will positively respond to your post. Bloghop and keep on commenting on posts that you really like and other bloggers will respond to your sincere comments. Huwag mag comment ng cliche o plastic like, nice post, I like it, nice picture, great article. Alam ng writer na hindi binasa ng commenter ang kanyang post. Pasensiya na sa mga unsolicited advices ko. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Shimumsy said...

congrats. more opps to come.

fetus said...

congratulations! *wowowee style* :D

Grampy said...

Here is what I do.Don't worry about anyone or anything. Just have fun.

Eric : BlogDeManila : Philippine Blog said...

this is your blog, so you can do whatever you want... let them criticize you, maybe you will learn a lessons from them too..

don't be discourage, just have fun blooging ;)

Ivan Kavalera said...

Congratulations. God bless you always.


Hey! Congrats.
I am also not native English speaking person. Best thing you should keep writing. Good luck again.


Dr. Agung said...

Congratulation. Yeah sometime me frustrate too, but I always thing blogging is hobby so just have fun. I click for you so come to my blog thanks

chill said...

hey! we are just the same! I am not a good writer also but I keep blogging and actually i earn money through blogging too even though I am not good in grammar! :D

Kabalyero said...

Signed up with BuyBlogReviews but haven't used them yet.

Tresna said...

Good for you. There are some tips that you can optimize your site.You can check it in my blog.

Anyways the people above is right.Write with your heart and your idealisme.consistently blog, and the earnings are 'positive' side affects.

Mica said...

Hi Reyah, congrats! Isn't it great when you've accomplished a goal? Keep it up! That so-called "little amount" will snowball! I love it when I read good news like this.

As for negative comments, these may be irritants but just be like the wise oyster who turns irritants into beautiful pearls.

Happy Holidays!

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