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Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm a smart buddy subscriber, and this is a mobile internet features that i been waiting for. Smart now launch their new unlimited mobile internet services, which is the All day mobile surfing for only PHP20/site on your favorite social networking site.

We can now enjoy surfing this following site through our cellphone:

- facebook unli
- multiply unli
- plurk unli
- friendster uni
And of course my favorite because im a twitter addict:
- twitter unli

To avail this services just visit: on your mobile browser on details on how to activate this.


Pete said...

Thks for the info. Nice blog!

Triunt said...

I Indo, Im use smart telecom 4 dial up internet connection service.

thx 4 visiting my blog, Im still waiting your comment there. :)
C U...

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