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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Im a big fan of Korean Telenovela, that's why i decided to learn about their language. Though there is a subtitle but its better if i can understand what they are saying.

Here are some basic Korean Language that i need learned:

1. an-nyeong-ha-se-yo ----- hello
2. ne/ye ----- yes
3. a-ni-o ------ no
4. man-na-so pang-gap-sim-ni-da ----- nice to meet you
5. an-nyeong-hi-ga-se-yo ----- goodbye(go in peace)
6. an- nyeong-hi-ge-se-yo ----- goobbye(stay in peace)
7. to-b(w)a-yo ----- see you later
8. kam-sa-ham-ni-da ------ thank you
9. kwen-chan-a-yo ----- its okay
10. mi-an-ham-ni-da ----- im sorry
11. im-ni-da ----- im (your name)


Diane Lovell said...

Great looking blog. Love the colours. I went to Korea last year to teach English for a month. 'Hoju esso wasayo' (I'm from Australia). I didn't learn much else!

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