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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday, i watched the launching of Globe G-cash Remit on "Wowowee". GCASH international remittances, is the fastest and most reliable way to send money to your relatives in the philippines.
A very convenience services offer by Globe Telecom for filipino working abroad and to there love ones in the philippines.

How to use GCASH REMIT:

- Go to any authorized GCASH outlet abroad ***and apply for an GCASH REMIT transaction. You will need to present the name and contact number of the beneficiary.

- You will be given a reference number that you must send to your beneficiary. If your beneficiary is a Globe or TM subscriber, they will automatically receive a text message with the reference number.

- Your beneficiary can then go to any accredited GCASH outlet that offers GCASH REMIT. They will need to provide the reference number, and present a valid ID to claim the money. And good thing , Globe telecom will not charge a service fee to your recipient.

***(list of GCASH authorized outlet)

- Philippine National Bank
Available in Austria, Canada, France,
Germany, HK, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia,
Singapore, UAE, UK & USA
- Czarina Remittance
Available in HK
- Reliable Peso Remit
Available in Canada
- Kabayan Remittance
Available in Singapore
- Mabini Express
Available in Canada
- Asia United Bank
Available in Bahrain, Canada,
HK, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, Switzerland, Spain,
- IME Remit
Available in Malaysia
- Cybertalk Limited
Available in New Zealand
- Calisons Ltd.
Available in HK


nadine♥christian said...

wow. sounds cool.
kaso smart ako eh =P
tsktsk. dati globe..
but i'd like to give a try.. *somedaysomeday*
hehe. blog hopping
and EC dropping!!

btw thx sa info:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the details about gcash remit.. i just want to know.. how can my husband send money thru gcash sa asia united bank.. can you give me the procedure.. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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