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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Home-based Business

Im busy now with my new source of income. Im making a rice cake(putong puti). We supply this in a store who sell pinoy delicacies.


Laura said...

It's always exciting to start a new venture. Congratulations on your new business, and best wishes for your success!

Do you think you'll do mail orders too, or just wholesale to your local market? Something to think about. I think many people far from their hopmeland would like a tasty treat from there once in a while.

Popcorn said...

ginawa namin yan nang friend nang college kami, kasabay sa pagbebenta ng puto nagpapa-ending kami... mas malakas kumita ang ending...hehe

Popcorns and Opinions

RoseLLe said...

wow! this looks yummy. i wish you could share a little of your secret recipe...para naman ma-try namin dito sa Aussie :)

Living In Australia

Rita T. said...

I've never heard of these but they sure look good. Good luck on your business.

Bombchell said...

oh wow how cool

Windmill said...

This is great. This is really great. I like the attitude.

Go for it Reyah. Go one step at a time progressively, always mindful that it is quality that delivers permanency and success in business.

God Bless your enterprise!

Dan said...

Hhhhmmm sarap ng puting puto with cheese.. :)

Amor said...

Pwede pahingi din ng recipe :)

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