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Saturday, September 6, 2008


LEO - Born on July 22 – August21

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Characteristic: highly dramatic and like to be center stage. Leo is poised and confident, loyal, sincere, and makes a good organizer. Leo is proud and dignified, enthusiastic, and ambitious. Leo likes luxury and pleasure and is willing to pay the price for it. Leo is colorful, self assured, outgoing, impulsive and expansive. Leo is authoritative and affectionate. You expect praise and you give praise.

Negative aspect: Can be jealous, arrogant, vain, self centered, and a show-off demanding attention. You are flashy, domineering, and snobbish, and have feelings of superiority over others.

Compatibility: Aries and Sagittarius

Birthstones: Ruby (July) and Peridot (August)

Colors: Gold and Orange

Gemstones: Ruby and Sunstone

Metal: Gold


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